SEO Experts in Utah – Get Found Online

SEO services are an integral part of your business. They are the means by which you can increase your digital presence and make your site easy-to-find. Our goal is to influence your audience to take action and turn visitors into new potential customers. When we provide local SEO services we are targeting specific keyword phrases that have the highest volume of searches, targeting the free listings and Google Maps.

When you hire our team to handle your company’s SEO we start by doing market/keyword research based on your services to determine the most profitable keywords for your industry. We then analyze, make changes and edits to your on-page optimization to ensure your website is as successful as possible. We then start with our off-page and backlink building processes.

Why You Need Our Local SEO Services

Like most people, we want to get products and services fast, and lately, people discovered that this is more possible if they search for local businesses. Local search is an important focus for the major search engines like Google.

  • The Google 3 Pack appears in 93% of searches with local intent
  • 46% of Google searches are local searches
  • 78% of mobile search for local business resulted in offline purchases

Another reason for using local SEO services is that they are highly-targeted. You can focus your resources only on an audience that matters to your business and strategize your SEO in such a way that you can give your audience what they need at the exact time they need it. Our local SEO programs incorporate organic listings and maps listings to help maximize your potential and reach new potential customers. Many of the websites we work on, you will see them on the first page in the organic listings and in the Google Places Snack Pack. We can not guarantee these results, but we have a really good track record for this kind of performance.

How to Leverage Google Maps Optimization

The main objective for optimizing Google Places is to achieve a high position for your business in the local business listings. Our goal is to get your business listed in the 3 Pack (aka Snack Pack) for multiple potential keyword phrases that your potential customers would be searching. Among the things that we do to optimize Google Maps ranking for our clients are:

What makes us different from other SEO companies?

We strive to be different from the others and give customers the kind of experience they can get nowhere else.

Our services are meant to make everyone feel that they have our full attention. Our 1-on-1 approach ensures that our customers feel important and know their SEO marketing campaign is in good hands.

We are a performance based company and “We Do Not Have Contracts”. We do require payment in advance and we do not work until we get paid. Since we do not have contracts this is a requirement that we do have.

We Drive Results –> Increased Rankings and Increased Traffic = More Customers

Factors That Determine The Cost Of SEO

  • Your Industry
  • The Competition
  • Target Keyword Phrases
  • Your Goals
  • Target Population (1 City or Multiple Cities)
  • Age of Your Website

Our SEO Timeline Based on Budget and Program

  • 1st Month

    There are 4 steps we take in the first month to start your SEO foundation.
    1. Review and Edit Your Onpage optimization
    2. We write and distribute your first press release
    3. Build your Shield Wall Branded Network
    4. Develop and Start Your Content Marketing Strategy
    5. Reverse Engineer Competitors
  • 2nd Month

    1. Blog Posts
    2. Add to Shield Wall Branded Network
    3. Submit your business data to search engine agregators
    4. Lite link building
    5. Citation Building
    6. Image sharing
    7. Video sharing
  • 3rd Month

    1. Advanced Link Building
    2. Blog Posts
    3. Article Marketing
    4. Link Building
    5. Citation Building
    6. Image sharing
    7. Video sharing
    8. High Quality Directories
  • 4th Month

    1. Advanced Link Building 2
    2. Blog Posts
    3. Add to Shield Wall Branded Network
    4. Citation BuildingImage sharingVideo sharing
  • 5th Month

    1. Advanced Link Building 2
    2. Blog Posts
    3. Link Building
    4. Citation Building
    5. Image sharing
    6. Video sharing
  • 6th Month

    1. Add more of what is needed
    2. Rinse and Repeat

Our services are high quality and affordable. With us, you can get incredibly good services without putting too much pressure on the bank. We’re here to help you maximize the power of your money to promote your business. The time frame for SEO rankings and traffic vary based on your competition, niche and population. A higher population city will take longer to see the desired results than a smaller city. We will track your websites progress each month to highlight the areas of improvement so you can see the progress for yourself. Get in touch with our Utah team today to see how we can help your business stand out.